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Microbrewery 3HL-20HL microbrewery equipment is the best seller system, suitable for hotel, barbecue, restaurants, bars, breweris and other catering entertainment. The turnkey system includes crushing system, mash system, fermenting system, cleaning system, cooling system and controlling system and so on, also we can provide you with filtering system and bottles/kegs filling line according to your requirements. Microbrewery manufacturers Best manufacturers microbrewery Manufacturers microbrewery in Sonipat Best R.O. R.O. Supplier Best R.O. Supplier Best R.O. Supplier in Sonipat R.O. Price Best R.O. Price Best R.O. Supplier in Sec. Sonipat R.O. Supplier in Sec-14 Best R.O. Membranes Best Membrane housing in Sonipat Membrane housing in Sec-14 Best R.O. Domestic filter R.O. Domestic filter in Sonipat Best water coolers in Sonipat Water coolers in Sec-14 R.O. Manufacturers Best R.O. Manufacturersin Sonipat Colling Tower Best Colling Tower in Sonipat Water Dispenser Best water Dispenser in Sonipat Water Dispenser in Sec-14 Water treatment Plants Water treatment Chemicals Best Water treatment Chemicals in Sonipat R.O. Supplier in Haryana Best Water Cooler in Haryana Best R.O. Membranes in sec-14 R.O. Membranes in sec Sonipat Best R.O. Domestic filter in Haryana R.O. Domestic filter in Sec-14 E.T.P. Plants E.T.P. Plants in Sonipat E.t.p. Plants in sec-14 Sonipat Best price of E.T.P. Plants E.T.P. Plants manufacturers in Sonipat Best E.T.P. Plants Price Best S.T.P. Plants S.T.P. Plants in sec-14 Best S.T.P. Plants in Sec Sonipat Best E.T.P. Plants in Haryana S.T.P. Plants manufacturers in Sonipat S.T.P. Plants Price Best manufacturers E.T.P. plants in India Best manufacturers S.T.P. Plants in India Lab Products Best lab products in sec-14 lab products in Sec Sonipat Best Chillers in sonipat Best chillers price Chillers manufacturers in sec-14 Chillers manufacturers in sec Sonipat Filters Housing Filters Housing in sec-14 Filters Housing in sec sonipat Best filter Housing in Haryana Best Miters Best Miters manufacturers in sec Sonipat EDI& FDI Plants Best manufacturers EDI& FDI Plants in sonipat RO 25 LPH RO 50 LPH RO 1000 LPH Electricals panels Best manufacturers Electricals Panels in sonipat Pressure gauges Pressure gauges manufacturers in sonipat HP & LP Switches HP & LP Switches manufactures in sec-14 Sonipat Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valve manufacturers in sonipat Multi port Valve Best multi port valve in sonipat flow Meter Best Flow meter in sec-14 Dosing Pump Dosing Pump manufacturer in sec Sonipat Pumps manufacturers in sonipat SS Vessel & Vessel Best manufacturers SS Vessel & Vessel in sec-14 Sonipat Full Range of LED TV Best Quality Products manufacturers in Sonipat Best RO Chemicals & Lab Products in sec-14 Sonipat Best RO Chemicals & Lab Products Best RO Chemicals Best lab products Best manufacturers microbrewery Manufacturers microbrewery in Sonipat Jumbo Filter manufacturers Best manufacturers Jumbo Filter in Sonipat 250 LPH RO Plant 500 LPH RO Plant 750 LPH RO Plant 1000 LPH RO Plant 1500 LPH RO Plant 2000 LPH RO Plant 3000 LPH RO Plant 5000 LPH RO Plant 6000 LPH RO Plant 8000 LPH RO Plant 10000 LPH RO Plant 20000 LPH RO Plant DM Water plant manufacturers DM Water plant in Sonipat Best LED TV Price Best LED TV in Sec-14 Sonipat RO Accessories RO Grand Plus RO Swift Plus RO Dolphin RO Platinum Homecom RO AC UV Adaptor Domestic RO Price RO AC DC Adaptor RO UV Chamber RO UF Clamps Waste Water Treatment Plant Chiling Plants Industrieal RO System Domestic Filter RO Spun Filter Domestic Inline Filter Microbrewery manufacturers
Industrial RO systems HOMECOM Water Technologies got established in 2000 with the aim of providing best water treatment system to our clients. We provides Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants which are very useful in removing physical, chemical as well as biological impurities from water. Simple to operate, these water treatment plants are energy efficient and require negligible maintenance. RO Manufacturers Commerical RO Plant Industrial RO Plant 250 LPH RO Plant 500 LPH RO Plant 750 LPH RO Plant 1000 LPH RO Plant 1500 LPH RO Plant 2000 LPH RO Plant 3000 LPH RO Plant 5000 LPH RO Plant 6000 LPH RO Plant 8000 LPH RO Plant 10000 LPH RO Plant 20000 LPH RO Plant
100 lph ro plant Product details: Automatic Grade: - Automatic, Semi-Automatic Capacity (Litres Per Hour) :- 0-100, Max Water Recovery Rate 50-55 % Number of Filtration Passes: - 5 Plant Application Capacity:-100 LPH Skid: - SS/MS Powder coated Brand: - HOMECOM Purifier Type:-Electric Purification Capacity (Per Hour) :-100 LPH Features Auto Shut-Off Product description: We offer Compact 100 LPH R.O Plant that is the best system for filtration and purification needs of drinking water. Reverse osmosis plants are used to produce high-quality pure drinking water. Ideal for Office and Institution. 100 lph ro manufacturers ! 100 lph ro plant supplier ! 100 lph ro plant manufacturer in india ! 100 lph ro plant supplier in delhi ! 100 lph ro plant manufacturers in sonipat
HOMECOM  We are the largest manufacture of R.O. Water purifier, Water Cooler/ Chiller & LED TV. we also provide facilities such as:- 1. Water Treatment Plant ( R.O.) 2. Water Cooler/Chiller  3. E.T.P  ( Effluent Treatment Plant ) 4. S.T.P. ( Sewage Treatment Plant ) 5. Industrial Chemicals 6. Water cleaning chemicals 7. Spare Parts and Filters 8. LED TV.  For further queries Please contact:- Homecom  Shop no. 29, main market, sector-14, sonepat , 131001 (Hr) India. PH. 09896240080, 09034160559.  E-mail:-homecomro@yahoo.com Website :- www.homecomro.com ro manufacturer ro spare parts 1000 lph ro 2000 lph ro 3000 lph ro 10000 lph ro
We offer a wide range of industrial reverse osmosis plants, which comes in a flow rate of 100 LPH to 25000 LPH and reduce TDS @ 90-99% . All our industrial reverse osmosis plants are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from normal drinking application to the specific usage, such as food Processing, pharmaceuticals and boiler feeding requirement. Applications for Reverse Osmosis Systems The ideal applications for RO water filtration System include: Safe Drinking Water Boiler Feed Water Ion Exchange Pre-treatment Beverage Production fully automatic ro ! ss ro ! fully automatic ss ro ! safe drinking water ! ro water filtration system